"In each new experience, our secret lies in the pleasure in what we do and the generosity we share when we find the right word or the image that speaks right to your heart, or when we mix techniques as if in a laboratory."

The Lux Modernis team

Lux Modernis: the light lab

We are communication specialists and familiar with our clients ‘ marketing and retail practices. We can understand their challenges, work in line with international markets and follow a product from that first creative spark to adoption by the consumer.

When we run our communication, events and training projects we provide a complete A to Z service. Our insightful overview means you can trust us to nurture every aspect of each project to create a coherent result. We are there for you every day … and for the long haul.

We adapt to all circumstances when you communicate to create a sustainable link between people, brands and markets. We cross-fertilise techniques and optimise tools, rendering your project unique. So a wealth of possibilities is opened up, letting you enjoy original, expert and meaningful solutions in line with your brand image.

A wealth of solutions

Ipad Apps inventing new gestures Point of sale animation captivating consumers 3D showing the invisible Convention gathering and motivating E-event making distances irrelevant Edition reinventing the book Exhibition bringing a space to life E-learning boosting your training results Point of sale training going straight to the heart of selling Film creating a world of images Communication Kit reinventing the all-in-one solution Guideline extending an event Product launch creating desire Press launch piquing curiosity Corporate magazine spicing up daily life Discovery course teasing understanding Augmented reality perceptions without boundaries Digital Plateform smart broadcasting Marketing Meeting triggering the wow effect Roadshow journeys of sensations Animations moving pictures Site going online Scenography entering the third dimension Training event learning is entertaining Serious Game playing the game